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Bagpiping Endorsement

On Aug 4th 2015 I received the following email from Caitlin after playing the pipes at her wedding.

I just wanted to say thank you for making our ceremony so special and unique! You did such a beautiful job, everyone loved the bagpipes!

So sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello - I was under lock and key before walking down the aisle :)

Do you have a website or listing anywhere for us to write a review? We'd be happy to, so let us know! Thanks again,


Vehicle Inspection Recommendation

Sheri K had an audi A4 with a check engine light and numerous trouble codes.She had been quoted $900 to replace an EGR Valve.

Before Steve looked at my vehicle I had quotes from 3 "mechanics" who basically wanted to throw parts at the vehicle until it was fixed.

I spoke to Steve and he suggested resetting the trouble codes in order to narrow down the problem

He took the time to explain to me that the cause was an open circuit heater circuit on the oxygen sensor and the other codes were effects and not the root cause.

Steve told me to order the part from Rockauto ($60) and he contacted a local mechanic who fitted the part for $60 . Steve saved me $700 dollars and enabled me to put this money to my car fund ..I would recommend Steve


In my experience people will tell you anything to get your me cynical ):
On the web I could masquerade as a 19 year old Italian super model...

With this in mind I am always willing to have a potential client contact previous clients such as Caitlin and Sheri to verify my credentials.