ACME Industries

Don't Get Shafted Vehicle Inspection

There are a lot of tire kickers out there and professional mechanics in the community who will inspect your vehicle. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider me.

My background is in aircraft avionics maintenance and electrical/electronic/software engineering .Most vehicles today rely heavily on engine management systems and sensors. I am able to interpret system data such as fuel trim and sensor information on a scan tool. Many "professionals" do not understand these concepts.
I consider myself a friendly,easygoing knowledgable person
Mechanics have limited availability.
I work well with people and can handle the numbnuts on craigslist who will try and feed you BS as well as the sales people at the dealerships who will try and pull the wool over your eyes in order to get commission on a "fisher price" vehicle.

I could go on but the bottom line is that I am in this business to make sure hard working individuals like you do not get shafted by individuals.

Take a look at my You Tube Channel where you will get an overview of projects I have worked on.. Don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.