ACME Industries


Work Experience
Spent 6 Years in Royal Air Force as Avionics Engineer
Worked as Software Engineer For 12 years.
In the Uk I repaired TV/Video/Audio Equipment for 8 years for a major retail chain
I have lots of experience tearing down vehicles that have major repair issues
Currently employed as Senior Software Engineer at Kalmbach Publishing Company in Waukesha,WI
Computer Science Experience
Worked with C# language for 15 years
Conversant with C,C++ ,Perl and Javascript programming languages
Experience with Sitecore,Orchard and Wordpress Content Management Systems(CMS)
My passions include working with the Linux Operating System and Programming in C#
Professional Qualifications
BSC Software Engineering
Associates Degree in Microprocessors
Associates Degree in Aeronautical Engineering
Personal Attributes
I treat people how I wanted to be treated
I can communicate clearly and am comfortable in "uncomfortable" situations