Owner of the Dont Get Shafted Vehicle Inspection Company and professional Bagpiper
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Hire a genuine Scotsman for your special event


Make your special day a resounding success


Engage the mourners with the most powerful instrument in the world

Special Occasions

Surprise your guests with the pipes..they'll love it !

Vehicle Inspection Service

Some examples of services .

Dealer Visits

Make the trip to the dealer less stressful.I can be very diplomatic and pride myself on getting you a good deal

Inspect Current Vehicle

Use diagnostic procedures to give you honest advice on the condition of your current vehicle

Decision Making

Talk one on one about your best options for upgrading your vehicle.Sometimes your current car can be repaired for less than you think

Future Maintenance

Discuss what is really necessary in regards to continued maintenance

DIY Repair Advice

Assist you in performing your own repairs

General Help

Don't hesitate to contact me for any car buying and repair related questions

  • Easy Going

    I am a laid back person who can keep calm in crazy situations

  • Genuine

    Honesty is always the best policy and there is no need for bs in my little world.

  • Affordable

    I don't have the large overheads of other companies.

  • Proven track record

    I have been playing the pipes for 20 years and been inspecting cars in the Milwaukee area for the last 5 years.